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WinRT app doesn't pass AppContainerCheck after KoM


I created an app using Kind Of Magic and unfortunately it doesn't pass AppContainerCheck to be submitted in Windows Store (it will pass if I remove KoM targets from csproj).

The error:
Windows App Certification Kit error message: AppContainerCheck Test failed.
The AppContainerCheck verifies that the appcontainer bit in the portable executable (PE) header of an executable binary is set. Windows Store apps must have the appcontainer bit set on all .exe files and all unmanaged DLLs to execute properly.

What to do if your app fails this test
If a native executable file fails the test, make sure that you used the latest compiler and linker to build the file and that you use the /appcontainer flag on the linker.
If a managed executable fails the test, make sure that you used the latest compiler and linker, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, to build the Windows Store app.

This test is performed on all .exe files and on unmanaged DLLs.


Harr wrote Feb 10, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Looking forward to see you answer, I don't want to expand all of my auto property with RaisePropertyChanged :-( Thanks.

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kjbartel wrote May 12, 2015 at 2:01 AM

Hi Harr,

As the owner of this project doesn't seem to be getting back to you I thought I'd answer instead.

As KoM uses Mono.Cecil then I'd say that it'd be a problem with Mono.Cecil rather than with KoM. Mono.Cecil doesn't support WinRT currently but there is an open issue to add support.